Impact Productions (IP) is a boutique event production agency offering comprehensive services with global capabilities. We help brands communicate with their most important stakeholders in the B2B event space. We create multi-sensory live experiences that spark emotional connections and inspire action. It’s a craft we’ve been honing for more than two decades now.


“You are the best crew in the Industry.”



Our Story

Corporate event production has been our core business since 1997.  We started Impact Productions with a single overarching premise: to deliver forward-thinking event solutions to real business challenges.  We take the long view and seek trusted partnerships, not merely projects. We stand for quality, excellence, and always doing right by our clients. Just ask them.


Our People


We’re a mighty band of sharp, seasoned, and unflappable professionals with an eye for design, an ear for music, and a talent for storytelling and stagecraft.  We’re wired for continual reinvention, always looking around the bend for fresh ideas, new technologies and the best talent. We sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to. And we always have a backup plan – or three.


Our Process

It’s your vision.  We champion it.  Our team and our mission are yours. We listen, we consult, we collaborate, and we deliver –  on point, on brand, and on cue. We’re beyond invested in our clients’ success. We’re all in. There’s real ownership and commitment.  And we’re always on, because you’re always on.  


Our Pricing

At IP, we pride ourselves on allocating budget resources where they'll make the biggest impression on your audience. No one in our industry is better at delivering high impact, content driven corporate theatre at the highest production value. We perform to a comprehensive, itemized budget. Financial management and accountability are not just buzzwords at Impact; they are part of our core values.


How are audiences experiencing your brand?